Full-size DUAL Processor PICMG V2.0  PCI  ISA Bus Compatible Single Board Computer
Intel PIII Socket 370 -500-1000 MHz Processors
Up to 2 Gb PC133  SDRAM Four Sockets
AGP Video controller (SiS 6326 AGP Video) on board
4MB display memory
On-board Ultra DMA/33 IDE port supports four drives
Via Apollo Pro 133a Chip Set
Dual Intel 82559 10/100 Ethernet controllers
Integrated Via AC97 compliant Audio with Line-in,line out $ mic 
Socket for DiskOnChip from M-Systems supports Flash Disk
Compact Flash Type II socket on rear of Board
Dual FDD controller supporting 2.88 MB drives
Health Monitoring: On-board Winbond monitoring IC with onboard Fan monitor
Two RS-232 Serial Ports with 16550 FIFOs
Multi-Mode (SPP/EPP/ECP), High Performance Parallel Port
On-board 6-pin Mini-Din PS/2 Mouse Connector
 USB 1.1 and IrDA compliant BIOS Support
16 Level Watch Dog Timer
Intel MPS-1.4 (Multiprocessor Specification Version 1.4)
Plug & Play Phoenix/AWARD BIOS with ACPI
Board Size (13.25" x 4.8")
Operating Temp 0-55 C , 10-90%RH, non condensing
The IND-PL370D is a highly integrated industrial single board computer (SBC) containing high performance DUAL Pentium III Socket 370 processors compiling with Intels MultiProcessor Specification 1.4, High Resolution AGP video controller . The IND-PL370D is built around the Via Apollo Pro 133a core logic chipset available, the SIS 6326 AGPset. The performance that comes with this chipset includes  SDRAM memory optimization and a bus designed  to support both 66MHZ and 133MHZ bus speeds.

The IND-PL370D is equipped with two USB ports supporting up to 127 USB devices. The AGP video controller uses 42 MB of video RAM. 

The IND-PL370D is equipped with Dual Intel 82559 10/100 Base-T ethernet controllers. 

The IND-PL370D contains an on board socket that supports the Disk-On-Chip from M-Systems and a Compact Flash Type II socket on the rear of the board. 

The IND-PL370D provides dual floppy controller accommodating 360KB, 720KB, 1.2MB, 1.44MB and 2.88MB and LS-120 devices. The high performance parallel port supports mult-mode(SPP/EPP/ECP) operations. Both serial ports contain 16550 compatible FIFOs to eliminate data loss at high baud rates.

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