Half-size ISA Bus Compatible Single Board
Intel PIII Socket 370 - 500-850 MHz Processors
Intel Celeron Socket 370 - 400-700 MHz Processors
Up to 512 MB of SDRAM
AGP Video controller (C&T 69000 AGP chip, On board
2MB display memory, Resolution up to 1280 x1024 x8 bit)
with LCD Support
On-board PCI IDE port supports two drives
Ethernet- Realtek 8139B, support 100Base-TX, on-board RJ-45 connector
Socket for DiskOnChip from M-Systems supports up to 144MB Flash Disk
Dual FDD controller supporting 2.88 MB drives
Health Monitoring: On-board Winbond W83783S monitoring IC with onboard Fan montior
Two RS-232 Serial Ports with 16550 FIFOs
Multi-Mode (SPP/EPP/ECP), High Performance Parallel Port
Two USB ports
16 Level Watch Dog Timer
Power requirements : 5V@5A,+12V/-12V(max)
Small Size (7.28" x 4.8")
Operating Temp 0-55 C , 10-90%RH, non-condensing
The IND-C370 is a highly integrated industrial single board computer (SBC) containing a high performance Celeron Socket 370 processor, AGP (Advanced Graphic Port) video controller and a 100 base-t LAN controller . The IND-C370 is built around the Intel most advanced core logic chipset available, the Intel 440BX AGPset. The performance that comes with this chipset includes  SDRAM memory optimization and bus design. 

The IND-C370 is equipped with two USB ports supporting up to 127 USB devices. The AGP's video controller with 2 MB of video RAM provides an interface for both CRTs and flat panels (color TFT, STN, EL and mono). 

The IND-C370 contains an on-board socket that supports the DiskOnChip from M-Systems. This can provide upto 144MB of bootable Flash Disk.

The IND-C370 provides dual floppy controller accommodating 360KB, 720KB, 1.2MB, 1.44MB and 2.88MB devices. The high performance parallel port supports mult-mode (SPP/EPP/ECP) operations. Both serial ports contain 16550 compatible FIFOs to eliminate data loss at high baud rates. 
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