Embedded SBC with PC-104 connector
486SX/DX/DX2/DX4&5x86 processors,selectable CPU clock speeds
Up to 64 MB DRAM
256 KB Cache
Jumperless, Novell NE2000 compatible, 16 bit ethernet interface supports 10Base-T, 10Base 2 and 10Base-5
On-board SVGA controller with 1 MB Video Ram supports concurrent LCD and CRT operation
Solid State Disk emulates one or two floppy drives
Enhanced IDE Hard Drive controller 
Dual FDD controller supporting 2.88 MB drives
1 RS-232/422/485 port, 3 RS-232 ports with 16550 FIFOs
Multi-Mode (SPP/EPP/ECP), High Performance Parallel Port
6 Level Watch Dog Timer
On-board PS/2 Mouse connector
Power requirements : 5V @ 3A
Small Size (8" x 5.75")
Operating Temp 0-60 C

The IND-486EV is a compact, highly integrated Industrial CPU board that supports the cost effective 486 CPUs. Although the IND-486EV is only 8" x 5.75", it provides a vast array of on-board features including Ethernet interface, SVGA controller compatible with both LCDs and CRTs, four serial ports, solid state disk that emulates a floppy drive and PC/104 expansion bus.

The 16-bit, Novell NE2000 compatible Ethernet interface supports 10 Base-T and 10 Base 2/5 operation. The four serial ports (Two RS-232, one RS-485/422/232 and one RS-232/TTL ) contain 16550 compatible FIFOs to eliminate data loss at high baud rates. The bi-directional parallel port supports SPP, EPP and ECP modes.

The IND-486EV also provides an on-board floppy disk controller, Enhanced IDE controller supporting two devices , keyboard interface and PS/2 mouse interface. The board operate off a single +5 volt supply.

The watch dog timer provides the fail safe operation required for critical control applications. If a hardware or software malfunction occurs, the IND-486EV either generates a Reset or Non Maskable Interrupt. This insures that the program will restart in an orderly and predictable manner.

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