IND-486DV v2
ISA Bus Compatible Single Board Computer
486DX2/ 486DX4/5x86 CPU
Two SIMM sockets provides up to 64 MB DRAM
128 KB Cache (expandable to 512KB)
RealTek RTL8019 10-base LAN controller
Video controller C&T 65550  with 1MB memory supports CRTs and Flat Panels up to 1024x768 at 16 collars
On-board PCI IDE port supports two drives
Dual FDD controller supporting 2.88 MB drives
Two RS-232 Ports with 16550 FIFOs, one Parallel controller
DiskOnChip socket provides memory up to 288MB
16 Level Watch Dog Timer
On-board PS/2 Mouse/keyboard connector
Single Power requirements : 5V@2.5A(max)
Small Size (7.28" x 4.8")
Operating Temp 0-60 C , 10-95%RH, non-condensing


The IND-486DV V2.0 is a full featured single board computer supports various 40 to 133 MHz 80486SX/DX/DX2/DX4 and 5x86 CPUs with 32-bit data bus and processing ability. It equipped with an on-board VGA controller supporting CRTs and LCD panels, and 10 base LAN All-in-One solution. 

Design with on board 1MB VGA memory, supports direct interface to most popular SD, DSTN, TFT,  EL flat panel displays, and  CRT monitor. By using the advanced CMOS components and surface mount technology on a six layer printed circuit board results in a SBC that is both rugged and cost effective. With its high performance, low power consumption, small size, wide temperature range and AT Bus compatibility, it is an ideal solution for the OEM/system integration marketplace.

The IND-486DV V2.0 provides with a 16-bit performance, ISA bus, and fully compliance with IEEE 802.3 10-Base-T fast ethernet RJ-45 connector.  The DiskOn-Chip function allows the system to operate without connected to any FDD nor HDD device. The DiskOnChip moudule is available for up to 288MB capacity.

The IND-486DV V2.0 provides an enhanced PCI-IDE interface, supporting two IDE drives. The dual floppy controller accommodated 360KB, 720KB, 1.2MB, 1.44MB and 2.88 MB devices. The high performance parallel port supports multi-mode (SPP/EPP/ECP) operation. Both serial ports contain 16550 compatible FIFOs to eliminate data loss at high baud rates. The COM2 port can be configured for RS-232 First-In-First-Out operation.

The watch dog timer provides the fail safe operation required for critical control applications. If a hardware or software malfunction occurs, the IND-486DV V2.0, either generates a Reset or NON Maskable Interrupt (jumper selectable). This insures that the program will restart in an orderly and predictable manner.

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