ISA Bus Compatible Single Board Computer
40 Mhz 80386SX CPU
Up to 16 MB DRAM
On-board IDE Hard Drive Controller 
On-board Dual FDD Controller
Two RS-232 Serial Ports
Parallel Port
2 Level Watch Dog Timer
On-Board Buzzer and External Speaker Interface
Six layer construction for high noise immunity
Small Size (6.8" x 4.8")
Operating Temp 0-55 C , 5-95%RH, non-condensing

The IND-386S is a powerful single board computer specifically designed for the industrial environment. Wide use of CMOS components and surface mount technology on the six layer printed circuit board result in a SBC that is both rugged and cost effective. With its small size, low power consumption, wide temperature range and AT Bus compatibility, it is an ideal solution for the OEM/system integration marketplace.

Although the IND-386S is a half-size board, it includes a vast array of on-board features includeing IDE hard drvie controller, dual floppy controllers, two serial ports, parallel port, keyboard interface, real-time clock/calendar and watch dog timer.

The watch dog timer provides the fail safe operation required for critical control applications. If a hardware or software malfunction occcurs, the IND-386S either generates a Reset or Non Maskable Interrupt (jumper selctable). This ensures that the program will restart in an orderly and predicatable manner.

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