IND-1200 Industrial Chassis


EIA 19" Rack-mount enclosure
Rugged zinc plated steel chassis
12-slot PC-AT compatible Passive Backplane shock mounted to withstand vibration
Supports 386, 486, 586 and Pentium plug-in CPU boards 
Field replaceable 250 watt power supply
Removable drive cage for mounting one removable drive and tow hard drives
Individual shock mounts for each drive
Positive air pressure generated by dual push-pull cooling fans
Easily removable air filter
Provisions for two DB-25 and DB-9 connectors
Allows access to all industry standard PC compatible programs

The IND-1200 is a full function, PC compatible computer that is specifically designed for the industrial environment. It can endure the extremes of temperature, humidity, airborne contaminants, shock and vibration found on the factory f loor.

The IND-1200 and it's plug-in CPU boards are IBM AT compatible and support all popular operating systems, development tools and industrial/scientific application software packages. This combination provides a foundation for creating solutions to a multitude of factory floor and laboratory problems. The solutions are applicable to both discrete and continuous manufacturing processes. 

Rugged and versatile, the IND-1200 can be located close to the processes it controls and/or monitors. It can be configured as a stand alone device or linked via a local area network as part of a distributed control system.

IND-1200 internal view

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