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  AUTO-MATRIX TM SAGE MAX TM Hard Drive Replacement Kit ONLY $99 USD
     Includes IND-CFADAP Card and 2 GB Compact Flash Card.

cfadap-1+512 MB Compact flash card

Hard drive Replacement KIT
Completely replaces your hard drive with no special drivers required.
The compact flash card can be changed without opening the Sage. This allows for a complete easy back up and archiving of sage software images in seconds. Simply snape the complact flash out and snape a new one in.
The 133x compact flash drive is up to 133 times faster than your old hard drive.
Solid state system (No moving parts to wear down).
Includes everything needed to make the installation, (2 GB compact flash, IND-CFADAP adapter, connectors for 40-pin and 44-pine IDE connectors, and a power cable with connectors).
Extreemly mobile, Just snape the compact flash card in and out of your system as needed.
Requires less space than a conventional hard drive.
Typically takes up to 10 times less battery power than a hard drive.
No moving parts makes the compact flash more robust than a hard drive.
No slot required for installation.
IDE Compact Flash Hard Drive Emulator. Works with all IDE interfaces.
. On-board IDE 40-pin connector and IDE 44-pin connector
. Power regular 5 Volt to 3.3Volt.
. Jumper selectable for master or slave hard drive.
. 4-pin power connector (only require for 40-PIN IDE)
. On-board LED indicating access status
Board size:78 x 62 mm ( 3" x 2.5")
The IND-CFADAP  is an unique design, used to emulate a hard drive using Compact Flash Cards. It provides both standard 40-pin and 44-pin IDE connectors for any master or slave configuration. 

This unique design allows hard drives emulation without the need of special drivers or software.

Indocomp provides everything required to make the replacement of your old hard drive with a more robust and reliable compact flash.  The kit includes the IND-CFADAP adapter, a 2 GB compact flash card, IDE connector cable, and a power cable.

It's quick settings avoid complicate engineer jobs. For additional information on Jumper, Connectors, and board placement click on this link.

Compact Flash Shown Installed in system

CF-Adapter in Chassis
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