IND-UPS200-ATX Internal UPS for PC



Cost-effective switching power supply with internal Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Standard ATX power supply form factor
Integrated switch power supply, on-line UPS include backup battery in single enclosure
Provides approximate 7 minutes backup(time varied with the loadings)
True on-line technology, zero tranfer time to computer
Bundled software for most popular operation system
With audible Alarm and battery voltage monitoring
Build in intelligent Microprocessor
RS-232 Interface port   
Dimention 150 mm x 140 mm x 85 mm
Weight: 3 Kgs (with battery)

IND-UPS200-ATX Specification

The IND-UPS200-ATX is ideally suited for system integrators and end users who require a cost effective power protection solution.  It is an unique integration of switching power supply with on-line uninterriptable Power Supply(UPS). With back-up battery inside the chassis, assembly is simple as the normal switching power unit.

The IND-UPS200-ATX instantly switch to emergency battery backup and provides user approximately 7 minutes of precious time to work through brief power outages and/or shutdown the system in the event of an extended outage.  Its high performance surge suppression pretect the computer free from the thread of bad power. 

The software bundled with IND-UPS200-ATX  supports Windows and Linux operation system an intelligent solution.  By connecting the IND-UPS200-ATX to RS-232 port on the computer,  the software will save files and  shutdown the operation system in the event of a sustained pwoer outage.  This combination provides a foundation for creating solutions to a multitude of factory floor and laboratory problems, particular in an embedded system. 


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